Dr. Vijay Kumar Varma

Metallurgy Consultant with over 30 yrs of Experience.

Education Qualifications:

B.E. (Metall. Engg.), MNIT, Jaipur, M.Tech. (Alloy Tech) &

Ph.D. (Metall. Engg.), IIT, BHU

Contact Details:

e-mail : varmavij56@gmail.com

Mobile Phone : +91 9449078557 / 7406555539

Preferred Cities:

Bangalore, Ahmedabad & Hyderabad

Additional Cities:

Indore, Vadodara, Pune, Rajkot, Jaipur & Nashik

Present Position:

Taking up Consultancy and Teaching Assignments.

Retired from Center for Military Airworthiness & Certification (CEMILAC), (DRDO) Bangalore as Scientist ‘G’ & Group Director (Tech. Coord. & Flight Safety) in 2016.

Previous Positions:

2009 – 2012     Scientist ‘F’, RD, RCMA (Foundry & Forge), DRDO, Bangalore

2006 – 2009    Scientist ‘F’ RD, RCMA (Materials), DRDO, Hyderabad

1983 – 2006    Scientist at different grades at DMRL, Hyderabad    

1982 – 1983    Research Engineer, Research & Development Center for Iron & Steel, SAIL, Ranchi.

1979 – 1980 Engineer M/s Sanghi Steels Ltd, Mumbai

Areas of Expertise:

Some of Major Assignments:

As Scientist & Technologist, at Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory (DMRL), DRDO, Hyderabad, (1983 – 2006):

Development of Specialized Materials & Components for use in aerospace and Defence applications:

  • Development of Vacuum Investment Cast Jet Fuel Starter Components of a Nickel base Super alloy for Tejas. 
  • Development of Production Technology of Discontinuously Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) Through PM Route & their Characterization. 
  • Indigenization of Special Russian Naval Steels for ships and submarines.
  • Development of Ultra high Strength Steel (DMRL 1700) for Rocket Motor Casings as cheaper replacement of Maraging 250A.
  • Characterized (a, b and a+b) Ti alloys for their fatigue & fracture behaviour for Compressor Discs as well as Landing gear applications.
  • Established Mechanical Behaviour Evaluation Centre and developed new test techniques to name a few
  • Characterized Fatigue & Fracture Behaviour of Reheat Treated & Cladded 1441 Al- Li alloy thin (0.8 & 1.8 mm) sheets for Tejas.
  • Established procedure for strain-controlled pseudo stress based LCF testing.
  • Characterized Fracture behaviour of Solid Propellants for missiles.
  • Thermal behavior C – C fiber composite brake pads for LCA.

Involved in Concurrent Development and Airworthiness Certification of Special Materials such as:

  1. Super Alloys remelt castings for Mig Engine.
  2. Maraging Steels 250A & 300A for Tejas and ALH.
  3. Titanium Alloys for Adour Engine of Jaguar.
  4. Al Alloy Antenna Platform Investment Castings for Tejas.
  5. Carbon-Carbon fiber Composites brake pads for Tejas.

As Regional Director at RCMA (Foundry & Forge), Bangalore (2009 –2010):

Involved in Concurrent Development & Airworthiness Certification of Forged and Cast components of Al Alloys, Mg Alloys, Ti Alloys, Steels and also Shape memory alloy for various Aircrafts to name a few:

  • Ni-Ti-Fe Shape Memory Alloy ferrules for PEEK Insulators of Tejas.
  • Modifications in Aircraft Main Accessories Gear Box of Mg Alloy Casting.
  • Electroless Wear resistant Ni coating on Maraging 250A Steel slat tracks of aircraft.

As Group Director (Tech. Co-ord. & Flight Safety), CEMILAC, Bangalore (2010 till Superannuation):

  • Co-coordinating Technical Activities of all the 14 Regional Centers of CEMILAC across the country for issuance of Airworthiness Certifications to the airborne systems & stores.
  • Design/Test House Approvals to the firms involved in Aeronautical Development Programmes:
  • Chairman Materials Committee for Indigenous development of Small Turbofan Engine (STFE), GTRE project – Identification & Indigenous production of materials for components fabrication.
  • Member of a GTRE programme of components produced through Direct Metal Prototyping through laser printing.
  • Project Coordinator for developing comprehensive project report on Creation of Environmental Test Center for DRDO for Certification of LRUs through IDST


  1. Authored a 100 pages Chapter on “Materials for Aero Engines & their Processing requirements in India” in the book Published within DRDO, ′′Indigenous Development of Aero Engine for Self Reliance′′,eds B S Vedapraksh & G Gowda, CEMILAC, DRDO, Bangalore 560037. 
  2. Number of papers in referred journals (31)
  3. Number of papers in national & International Conferences (40)
  4. Technical Reports (21).
  5. Suggested a solution for Critical Materials & their characterization, for Atmanirbhar Bharat on the open forum through “POINTS TO PONDER”.


Supervised 3 Ph. Ds, 4 M. Tech & 2 Graduation projects.

Teaching of Subjects:

Visiting professor at Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT), after superannuation and taught M Tech courses such as Powder Metallurgy, Metal Working and Welding Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics.

Also involved in developing course for Corrosion engineering Specialization.

Mentor for Developing Materials Test Center at Hyderabad

The center has been developed to facilitate ongoing and futuristic evaluations such as Monotonic and Fatigue and Fracture mechanics testing at ambient and elevated temperatures up to 1200oC temperatures for defence aeronautical and missiles programmes.  The Lab is functioning for several DRDO programmes and many other private aerospace organizations.

The Lab is also equipped to provide necessary analysis of the test results for characterizing the material. 

The center is equipped to extend supports to the students and research scholars from various Technical Educational Institute to carry out their projects.

Method of Consulting and Teaching

Both Off-line and On-line using appropriate facilities.

Awards and Recognition

  • DRDO Lab Scientist of the Year Award 2015
  • DRDO Technology Group Award (2003).
  • DRDO Agni Award (National) for Excellence in Self Reliance (2005).
  • DRDO Technology Group Award (2012) for Vision Document on “Indigenous Development of Aero Engine for Self Reliance”                                                                  

Publications since 2016 (after superannuation from DRDO)

Supervision of M Tech in Electrical Engg Dept. of Jain University

Effect of Environmental & Electro Magnetic Interference on Avionics units & Design Improvement Technique to withstand these effects, K Parsurama, Jain University, 2017, Bangalore 


  • Fellow of The Indian Institute of Engineers.
  • Fellow of The Indian Institute of Metals
  • Life Member, Indian Institute of Metals.
  • Life Member, Aeronautical Society of India
  • Founder Executive Member, Society for Failure Analysis of India.
  • Member of Governing Council of Aeronautical Materials Testing Laboratory, Hyderabad.
  • Principle Member of MTD 3 of Bureau of Indian Standards
  • Member, Review Committee for Establishing High Temperature Materials Characterization Centre at MIT, Chennai.


Date of Birth:               15th Jun 1956

Ph.  No.                       080 43005809

Mobile:                        9449078557 & 7406555539


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