Grow your Defence Business with a Membership

Why become a Member?

Every Business is Unique.

Your Business too.

It has its own roots, and its own future.

Whether you are MSME, or a MNC, whatever the products you manufacture, Fighter Jets, Radars, OR Simulation Software, ERP Software OR Machine Tools, Cutting Tool, Heat Treatment services OR a retrofit specialist, you should get listed in the .

Our members are special. And, selected.

We support you to innovate, learn and find new markets and capture your share in the Billion Dollar Defence Business in India.

Choose a suitable plan.

FeaturesBronzeSilver Plus
Be found by companies (Customers)
Showcase all your competencies and specialization
High Link Value in Google
Be listed with successful companies
National and International Exposure
Seen in Max number of Countries (190 Countries)
Have a dedicated page -Additional Marketing
Focus on India’s Defence Manufacturing Business
Get Verified Vendor Status
Full Listing (No missing details)
Keyword Rich Listing
Listing in Google Search Results
Listing in Mobile App – Direct link to your company details
Be seen by Industry Consultants, Investors, Lenders, and Job Seekers
Build your Brand – Badge
Boost your website SEO results position
-Guidance on creating Pictures – size, color, project your company
Direct Link to your company contact details – No Commission
Permanent – Better results as your listing ages [deep indexing]
List Job Openings in your Company [No additional Cost]
Promote your company – Write and Publish Blog Posts [No Additional Cost]
Blog Post Marketing
SEO Analysis of Website – [No Additional Cost]
Guidance on website improvement, optimization [Added]
Get positive ratings from your customers- [Build your Brand]
Limit your competitors
Capex Consultancy [Added]
Machine Selection Consultancy [Added]
Defence Procurement Procedure Tutorials [No Additional Cost]
Guidance on Trending Orders
ListingWaiting PeriodImmediateImmediate
FREERe. 500/- Per Month
Payable every six months – Re. 3000/-
Re. 30,000/- One Time Payment

Pay and send us an email.

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