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Hybrid Campus
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Pandemic Corona [Covid-19] – Positive effect on Education Institutions

Corona is a deadly virus. It is transmissible, contagious and fatal, or debilitating on some people. It is said previous pandemics bought untold miseries. Each of the pandemics must have…

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NIRF 2020 – Which Engineering Colleges will gain in and Which will Loose?

In the coming months, the latest 2020 NIRF rankings will be announced. The list published by MHRD GOI, is a go to list for students and companies to aim for…

Modi and startups
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Modi and Startups

Things a startup entrepreneur can learn from Modi. A simple overview.

energizing engineering education
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Energizing Engineering Education

Engineering education is at cross roads. AICTE & NIRF have recognised this and come out with a slew of measures, to revamp engineering education. Some of the measures are improved…