Lab Instructor with a Patent to his name!

Antennas are present everywhere around us. With the advent of 5G, antennas will be present more in number around us. Every product maker today, will think of incorporating an antenna system in his product. But, testing an antenna is an expensive affair and requires a special environment. Antenna testing techniques

Pandemic Corona [Covid-19] – Positive effect on Education Institutions

Corona is a deadly virus. It is transmissible, contagious and fatal, or debilitating on some people. It is said previous pandemics bought untold miseries. Each of the pandemics must have also impacted several businesses, industries and governments. The Corona [Covid-19] pandemic is surely going to bring high impact changes in

NIRF 2020 – Which Engineering Colleges will gain in and Which will Loose?

In the coming months, the latest 2020 NIRF rankings will be announced. The list published by MHRD GOI, is a go to list for students and companies to aim for a seat and to visit for recruitment. The list consists of 200 top Engineering colleges in India. In the year

Modi and Startups

Things a startup entrepreneur can learn from Modi. A simple overview.

Energising Engineering Education

Engineering education is at cross roads. AICTE & NIRF have recognised this and come out with a slew of measures, to revamp engineering education. Some of the measures are improved curricula, modern teaching learning process, hands on training, examination reforms, papers, patents, and startups. The NIRF report detailing 200 top

Startup Model or Rental Model

Host Institutions intending to start a Incubator are faced with a question how to model their startup incubator, a TBI or STEP or a BioNest. The question is “Which Model they should choose for their Incubator?. In a broad sense, there are two models which are adopted. One is the

Budget 2019 and Startups

The budget of 2019, rather the first budget of 2019, we will be getting a full budget later, is a different budget than any of the previous budgets. And, I know this is a tall conclusion. This is not a unique budget for a simple or a frivolous reason. Let


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