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stealth frigate
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Stealth Frigate

Stealth frigate is a multi-role high tech platform equipped with modern weapons and sensors, advanced platform and combat management system and possesses a sophisticated power distribution architecture. They are capable…

ASW Rocket Launcher
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ASW Rocket Launcher

This ship-based anti-submarine weapon system is capable of  ring 212 mm depth charge rockets at submerged targets, in single and salvo mode, from remote as well as local control stations….

Naval Gun
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CRN Naval Gun

CRN 91 Gun is a modular, flexible and effective weapon intended for use against Armoured targets and air targets flying at low altitudes. The range is 2 km for AP…

heavy weight torpedo
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Heavy Weight Torpedo

VARUNASTRA is an advanced state of the art, ship launched heavy weight, anti-submarine Torpedo capable of targeting submarines operating in shallow / deep waters. Long range with multi maneuvering capabilities….