Startup Funding

We are a Startup Scout. Which means, we connect startups to Investment Companies.

We focus on the Defence Manufacturing Sector and Defence Industry. [We do consider all startups in the Manufacturing Sector, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical and Software]

We are interested in early stage startups to late stage startups.

Do you have a great idea? Are you a startup looking for funding?

If your startup requires investment of more than Re. 2.5 Crores then continue reading and If your startup requires less than Re. 2.5 Crore, which is the seed stage, then click here.

If you are from an Engineering or a Medical Education Institution looking to build a Vibrant Startup Culture in your institution and want to get your students create great startups, then click here.

Read Carefully:

For a Funding of Re. 2.5 Crore and more:

Pre Requisites:

  • Firm should be a Pvt. Ltd. firm [optional]
  • Firm should have a Website [otherwise, justifiable explanation]
  • Products and Services should be listed on the website [otherwise, justifiable explanation]
  • All addresses should be verifiable
  • Founders should be willing to answer follow up clarifications if any
  • Please read this page completely and carefully before you start preparing and sending the RFC file.

An initial Request for Consideration (RFC) in word format is to be sent to the following email id:

The template of Request for Consideration is given below.

——–Format Start———-

1. Name of Firm:
2. Year Founded:
3. Address:
4. GST: [If available]
5. Founders:
6. Founders Education:
7. Founders Joining Firm:
8. Founders Address:

9. Products List [Serialized, Under Progress and Completed]:

10.Services List [Serialized, Commenced and Planned]:

11.Technical Work done on each Product or Service:

12.Marketing Work done on each Product or Service:

13.Other Business Model:

14.Investments done in the firm:
Own money, outside sources, with dates, amounts, spent on

15.Amount you are seeking:
16.How will the amount be spent:
Usage details

———Format Ends————-

Read Carefully:
Please note that this is an initial request for consideration. Fill up the above format in a word file, and mail it to us. Within a week, we will screen it, and forward the same to our principal investment firm. Note, we do not guarantee anything at this stage. If the investors find your business model interesting, we will be contacting you. Thank you.

If you are extremely confident of your startup and you believe will be invited for a Pitch Deck presentation after you send the RFC file, then be prepared with your Pitch Deck.

Pitch Deck

A Pitch is a presentation to prospective investors.

How to conduct the Presentation?
To make it easy for investors and startup team we request you (the startup founders) to conduct your presentation in the following format.

As a technical person, we do recognize that you may not be well versed in conducting a pitch or creating a pitch deck (a report). In fact, we appreciate technical people who do not know how to conduct a pitch and get an A+. So, do not worry.

Follow these simple guidelines to make a A+ Presentation.

This document can also be referred to: Pitch Deck