Why DefenceManufacturingIndia.com?

Today, it is not just about being listed in a directory.

The key success factor is – Is the directory inter connected?

And, what are the content growth strategy of the directory.

On both these counts, DefenceManufacturingindia.com scores high.


Fundamentally, DefenceManufacturingindia is a platform for all Defence equipment manufacturers.

The focus is Startups, MSMEs, MNCs, Foreign Defence Companies, DPSUs, are listed.

The content is divided into 4 sections.

One, Aero Defence companies, two, Defence Manufacturing Content, three, Engineering Colleges offering MTech in Defence Technology, and four, Jobs in Defence Sector. Just think of it, this platform attracts people from all branches in the Defence Manufacturing Industry.

Your company content, created with a unique approach, will be seen by people all over the world and from India, ensuring you get the maximum return on your membership fees which is a modest which is $6.50, Re. 500/- per month.

Why is India keen on increasing indigenous Defence production?

To decrease India’s Defence import bill which stands at Re. 1.6 lakh crores per year. Next to the oil bill.

And, there is no better thing than make your own equipment. Modern Wars are won in factories.

There are multiple benefits of indigenization. Foreign exchange outflow decreases. This facilitates more money to be spent on India’s social infrastructure. Resulting in better quality of life.

Another big benefit is, this initiative will strengthen rupee rate vis a vis the US dollar or British pound and every other currency, and increases the purchasing power of the rupee. Which directly benefits India’s middle class and poor and the honest tax payer.

Another benefit is that exports of Defence equipment, components and services will rise, resulting in increasing employment and has geo political ramifications.

So, by supporting this platform, you are benefiting yourself and the student community also.

How will defencemanufacturingindia platform facilitate your Business?

This platform will bring in all Startups, MSMEs, MNCs, DPSUs manufacturers together, to share unique their expertise with each other and to the world, highlight the projects which the Govt of India is focusing on, provide curated information regarding Defence Acquisition Procedure and Defence Production Policy, provide a search engine to all website visitors including members and non members, and provide a forum for companies to list openings in their unit and recruit suitable colleagues.

Who is behind defencemanufacturingindia?

This is a collective effort and will of many people. However, there has to be a leader, Krishna Karedla, an entrepreneur, with unique success of his own.

Most importantly, this effort draws its inspiration from the Govt. of India’s announcement that nearly 200 defence weapon systems are import barred.

Which translates to – the Govt. is ready and keen to buy only from Indian Defence Vendors and facilitate whatever needs to be done.

So, what does the future hold for India’s Defence Production?

India’s space program shows that India can produce state of the art, high tech, precise, systems.

Technological and company challenges are many.

Given this, India’s tier 1, 2 and 3 sectors need to re capitalize their existing infrastructure, as the science and art of production is changing in every area of production line.

Next, there is an urgent need for human capital which is trained in modern production practices in the production line.

Specialist Engineering College faculty, specializing in various weapon systems, with an innovative program linked to their individual career progress will propel India’s Weapon System Defence Production.

Recapitalizing and trained human capital will happen on its own as there is the Govt. pull of Demand for Weapon Systems.

Specialist faculty will catalyze the process, exposing youngsters to weapon systems in the college, which will motivate the students to create Defence Startups.

Defencemanufacturingindia.com aims to facilitate all the above three and also interlink companies from all the tiers of production hierarchy.

Thank you for your time!

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