Digital Asset

How to Promote your Engineering College and Reduce FB, Google Ads, and Paper, Media Ad costs drastically, and increase admissions?

USA has announced an innovative and smart H1B Visa system transiting from a lottery based system to a more fair AI driven system. Analysts are saying that the key point in the new system is the salary being offered and paid to the H1B applicant. I can visualise desi consultants

Where are Our Faculty?

In the late1960’s the distinguished SBI Chairman, Shri. RK Talwar, famously asked “Where is my Branch Manager?” in a board-room meeting. This set the seniors and the think tank in SBI to start working how to respond to this question. The outcome of these deliberations and heated discussions was the

Faculty FAQs on Digital Asset

During the process of coaching for creating a Digital Asset, I have found faculty have some questions which they would like to ask but postpone it to another date. I have compiled such FAQs and posted them here with the answers and clarifications. Do I need to be an EXPERT

Should Faculty Package Themselves Better

One of the gravest tragedy that has happened in our society is the erosion of respect to teachers. And, the fault lies at the door of the Govt. In earlier days, as recently as 50 yrs ago, teachers were very well respected in our cities, small towns and villages. This