Student Startups

Boost Defence Startups in your Engineering College!!

Introduction An unsolicited advise to Engineering Colleges. ALL students should be exposed to STARTUPs but ALL need not be exposed to being a scientist (Ph.d). Krishna Karedla This is my strong belief and I submit this to all respected Principals and Professors, for serious consideration. The reason I attach importance

How to Create a Vibrant Startup Culture in a College?

From 2014 serious proactive efforts have been made, such as Startup India, creating various funding options, policy on creating a startup, encouraging colleges to create a startup culture. However, Startup movement is at cross roads. Let us face it. One indicator of this is the Modi Govt. has put greater

14 tips for Students to become Great Startup Founders

All the tips are addressed to students. If you have questions do not hesitate post in the comments section. Tip 1: Start early. Realize that you have to decide whether you want work in the industry or be an academician. This decision has to be done as early as first

25 Reasons for students to think Startups

Student startups are the way to go for universities all over the world.
This article outlines 25 reasons students should think of starting up.