Month: February 2019

why thrust areas a must
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Why Thrust Areas are a must in Medical and Engineering Institutions in Today’s world?

In recent times, educational institutions are under pressure from multiple sides. The first and foremost pressure point is the rapid technological changes which is happening across all fields thereby creating…

startup vs rental
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Startup Model or Rental Model

Host Institutions intending to start a Incubator are faced with a question how to model their startup incubator, a TBI or STEP or a BioNest. The question is “Which Model…

Startup India Standup India
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Startup India

Startup India is one of the boldest initiatives of our country and its people. The question arises, why is it the boldest? To understand this, we should briefly look at…

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Budget 2019 and Startups

The budget of 2019, rather the first budget of 2019, we will be getting a full budget later, is a different budget than any of the previous budgets. And, I…