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  • First and foremost, your Department will get publicity all round the year among
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    • Senior professionals
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    • Venture investors
    • Recruiters
  • Worldwide Visitors, NRIs
  • Participate in BILLION DOLLAR DEFENCE Manufacturing Industry
  • Defence specific Projects done by your students will be promoted among the above
  • HOD Promotion for Branding
  • SEO Boost to your Department Page
  • No competition from nearby college Departments of Same Branch
  • Promote your Department with periodic news release on this website and distributed
  • Get unique achievements, events and other key developments posted on this website and distributed
  • Promote Consulting services of faculty on college listing
  • Promote Defence Manufacturing related papers published by your faculty promoted
  • Startup Culture Creation & NIRF Rank in your Department by our Consultant on a BOT basis [optional]

Template for Creating Your Own Department Listing

Below, we have listed a general list of topics for filling with details of your college.

Limit to 6 Pics and Total Text of 1000 to 1200 words.

Keep Department as focus.

After you fill up just email the duly filled up word file, to this email id:   [remove one @]

Visit: for contact details

Be Creative-            :           Involve students and faculty of your department.

Use the below template to send your Department Details

Template Begins


  • Department Started in the year..
  • Faculty Strength/Highlights (can be merit, or other attribute)
  • Student strength
  • Achiever Alumni
  • Infra overview
  • HOD special info
  • Merit achievements of students over the years
  • Tech Clubs
  • Events slated for the year

Technology Infra

  • Building
  • Classrooms, Library, Labs
  • Computer Labs
  • Other Infra for experiments
  • Projects being worked on by Prof.
  • Student projects done over the years

Academic Focus [Steps your department takes to enhance academic knowledge and academic success].

Practical Experience Focus [Steps your department takes to enhance practical knowledge and skills].

Pics of Infrastructure (tech)

Pics of Events conducted


Name of Institution:
Department Webpage:
Email of HOD:

Template Ends

Fill up the above template and send it to us at :

Additional Benefits

List your Department Staff Achievements <<

Get useful Tips [share with students] <<

Thought Provoking Articles <<

Feature your College <<

Features being added

  1. Defence JOBSComprehensive
  2. Promote Faculty Consultancy
  3. Billion Dollar Defence Projects Details
  4. Software Certifications in Defence Vertical

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