Air Independent Propulsion and Batteries

The course is intended to provide learning on the air independent propulsion systems, hybrid electric vehicles, power requirement of the vehicles, energy storage systems

  • Understand the requirements of air independent propulsion systems
  • Design and analysis of hybrid electric drive trains
  • Design and analysis Energy storage systems for hybrid electric vehicles
  • Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Impact of modern drive-trains on energy supplies
  • Hybrid Electric Drive-trains: hybrid traction, various hybrid drive-train topologies, power flow control, fuel efficiency analysis
  • Electric Drive-trains: electric traction, electric drive-train topologies, power flow control in electric drive-train topologies, fuel efficiency analysis
  • Electric Propulsion unit: electric components used in hybrid and electric vehicles, Configuration and control of DC Motor drives, Induction Motor drives, Permanent Magnet Motor drives, Switch Reluctance Motor drives, drive system efficiency
  • Energy Storage: Introduction to Energy Storage Requirements in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
  • Battery based energy storage and its analysis, Fuel Cell based energy storage and its analysis, Super Capacitor based energy storage and its analysis, Flywheel based energy storage and its analysis, Hybridization of different energy storage devices

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