Data Acquisition, Tracking & Post Flight Analysis

The course is intended to provide learning on the various aspects of flight trials, measurements & calibration, generation & analysis of Data.

  • Understand the interfaces used in data acquisition and standalone instruments to real-world signals
  • Understand the Sensors and transducers, data acquisition hardware and data acquisition software
  • Carry out post flight analysis.
  • Importance of Flight Trials in Missile Development, Facilities, Safety Requirements
  • Methods of Measurement, Introduction to Measuring Instruments: Functional elements of an instrument
  • Static and Dynamic Characteristics, Zero, First and Second order of Instruments and their response
  • Calibration of Instruments
  • Sensors and Transducers: Passive and Active types, their uses in measurement of acceleration, angle, vibration, pressure, flow and temperature, strain etc.,
  • Methods for post flight data analysis.

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