Modi and Startups

As I finished seeing Mr. Akshay Kumar’s interview of Shri. PM Modi, I realised that Modiji has never ceased to learn even today.

The net summary of his hard work and experiences is that he brings a lot of positiveness to the table. So much so that he has achieved progress in all the initiatives during his period.

And, as a startup consultant, I can tell you that this is what I experience when I interact with startup entrepreneurs. Whether it is the medical students or the engineering students, the common factor is the positiveness of an idea and a solution to address a problem and the enthusiasm to make it big which is present among students of our country. And, this is precious and valuable. The days of large institutions, large monolithic trusts is gone and going. What we are seeing in the movie industry will be seen in private sector. And, it is in this context, positiveness and rich personal experience will be the foundation for the future.

There are a few takeaways I would like to mention here which will be useful to startups.

Point 1:

Being careful about money. People from Gujarat are known to be very careful about their money. This is something everyone knows. It is not that people from other states are not careful, it is just that people from Gujarat, being traders are careful about the profit they get and they are pretty conscious and aware of the profit.

At a broader level, they are pretty aware of the cash flow and the profit percentage for every transaction.

This is something every startup should be aware of. How will their business get profits? What is the profit percentage?

More than this, the thing we should learn from Modi ji is doing big and getting maximum return out of it. His record speaks for itself. 14 yrs as CM uninterrupted and transition to PM a successful 5 yr term. This is a result of doing big projects and ensuring that maximum result is got out of it.

Point 2:

How to vent anger or frustration and take it out of the system without hurting anyone or spoiling things? Everyone of us, sometime or the other feel or have felt angry at something we have done or said. How do we get rid of it? Modiji has a solution which has worked for him. Over a period of time each one of us would have devised our own ways to overcome frustration and anger.

Startup entrepreneurs have to be adept at this. I mean very adept. Just like Modiji, each startup entrepreneur has to learn to gain from the experience and not allow the experience to bog him down. Of all the takeaways this has to be the most important.

Point 3:

Introspection. The PM said he likes to go away to a secluded place, and be alone for a few days and just think about whatever comes to the mind and ponder on it.

From the beginning days, Startups should learn to ponder and introspect on the actions, events, decisions they take and dwell on them. Make a dairy of all your thoughts as a startup. This will help in the long run and go a long to guide you to success.

Point 4:

Answering to the point. Throughout the length of the interview observe one significant thing. Modiji always answers to the point. As a startup, you have to learn to answer all questions to the point. Be honest to yourselves. This will go a long way to build a team and gain the trust of others.

Point 5:

Absolute dedication to serving people. On careful listening, you will notice that most examples he cities are instances when he met so and so during a calamity or a social event. A startup entrepreneur should also live in the role of a business establishment gaining immense satisfaction in serving customers. Remember, it is out of this satisfaction comes innovation to serving customers and continuous incremental improvement.

Point 6:

Sense of humour. Learn to look at the lighter side of things in your startup. This will bring in a good atmosphere as everyone loves to work in such an atmosphere.

Point 7:

No airs. This is obvious. Nowhere he boasts. Nor brings in his family greatness. It is all about his experiences.

Point 8:

Humility. Observe how he pours Tea for Mr. Akshay Kumar. And, he does it without hesitation.

Whether it is Obama or Akshay Kumar Modi is humble enough to pour a cup a chai. Remember, in both cases, the host is Modi.

Point 9:

Sense of dressing. Presentable, with the grandeur required of a Prime Minister.

Point 10:

Being fit. One should carefully note that he takes care of his health, by yoga, pranayama, and depending on natural ways to cure common ailments. After all health is wealth.

Everyone of the above is doable. Of course, his constitution is different and each one us is made differently, but we can do well adopt his habits for good and meaningful results. Watch the interview.

For the first time in India startups are being the importance they deserve. Let us hope this movement continues.

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