Trajectories Modelling & Simulation Digital Modulation Technologies & Standards

The objective of the course is to provide an in-depth understanding understanding of flight dynamics, trajectory design analysis, flight performance analysis and practical implications of trajectory planning

  • Understand the flight trajectories design requirements
  • Evaluate and predict the flight performance for different trajectories
  • Understand the practical implications while trajectory design
  • Carry out MATLAB based simulation for trajectory modelling
  • Flight Dynamics, Flight envelope limitations. Aerodynamic sizing-equations of motion. Accuracy of simplified equations of motion, orbital mechanics
  • Role of rocket propulsion in orbital trajectories and maneuvers, Maximizing missile flight performance. Benefits of flight trajectory shaping
  • Flight performance prediction of boost, climb, cruise, coast, steady descent, ballistic, maneuvering, divert, and homing flight
  • Practical implementation of integrated trajectory planning, Agility in maneuvering trajectories
  • Multiplier theory and its use in solving practical problems covered from a real-time computational viewpoint, No-fly zones and engineering requirements, formulation as a mathematical mixture of state and decision-variable constraints
  • Extensive MATLAB-based mini-projects

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