18 Reasons you should consider BK College of Engineering

Reason No. 1:

The Captain.

BK College of Engineering is headed by Principal Dr. SMG.

IIT educated, teaching 2 subjects every semester, Dr. SMG is an accomplished educationist, and learned in the true sense of the word. He practises the principle of being “learned” by studying a topic or issue at hand thoroughly before forming an opinion.

With this intellectual prowess, he has built a reputation of being the most approachable Principal among Premier Engineering Colleges of Karnataka.

Evidence can be seen if one were to ask the present students or alumni, or better still, if you happen to visit the college during break time! His office is full with students!!

Students do not hesitate to approach, which results in quick resolution of any problem and satisfaction, which is evident on student faces as they come out of his office.

In case it is not clear, he is the most fair and just Principal.

Reason No. 2

Affordable fees.

The college management believes Engineering education should not be exorbitant. So, fees are competitive and if you consider the cost of staying in a beautiful city and getting best of engineering education, fees are on the attractive side.

Reason No. 3

Rapid admissions fill up.

How fast admissions fill up is a clear indicator of how the college is looked at in the pecking order. This college has one of the fastest filling up rate in the first week as admissions open up.

Reason No. 4

Free Pre Incubation space. Students get to test their ideas after going through the four stages of aware, realise, get trained, and be mentored. This new 4 stage startup training has been devised to enable students become startup champions, in their four year of engineering education.

No college offers this to its students.

Reason No. 5

Borrow (note: not rent) a Laptop from the Library.

This program is a hit among students. A unique Laptop borrowing program wherein every student is eligible to rent a laptop, for long periods of time. Students find this service very friendly and convenient when they need a laptop the most.

Reason No. 6


College offers 100 scholarships to students who perform well. This program has been running for a long time and is a less advertised program, which many people may not know.

Scholarships for the needy is a unique feature of BKCE and the fairness in awarding scholarships has earned it credibility amongst educational institutions.

Reason No. 7

Lecture Capture infrastructure.

Did you miss a lecture or two? Students can watch the lecture they missed at a time of their convenience.

Reason No. 8

Academic excellence.

Students of every department have bagged ranks, which shows that the college has been focus on all fronts.

Reason No. 9

Free courses on AI, ML and Python for students of all branches.

Rarely do college managements realise that training in Python is mandatory for students of all branches. These free training courses on Python, ML and AI puts every BKCE student ahead of students of all other colleges.

Reason No. 10

Full fledged Apple Lab.

No other college in this part of the country has a full fledged Apple Lab. Software, Tools, Training material, free access, seniors to guide you, this is a place where you will like to hang out.

Reason No. 11

Centrally located.

Every important requirement, shopping malls, super markets, lunch homes, premium bakeries, you get everything with a km or two.

Reason No. 12

Well organised infrastructure and smoothly functioning systems.

Long years of experience has resulted in smoothly operating systems, whether it is the admissions department, or labs, or conducting of exams, or classes or induction program.

Reason No. 13

Rapid response to all students requests.

A lean management results in rapid response to your requests. No wonder, you will not find any pending requests with the management.

Reason No. 14

High performance, up and running 24 hrs Computer labs. All computers are Dell branded computers giving students un-interrupted high performance experience.

Reason No. 15

Strict attendance.

The college management believes that attendance is critical to gain knowledge and subject expertise.

Parents can be rest assured, that their wards are being monitored and mentored.

Reason No. 16

Events, hackathons, etc. Multi skill exposure to participate, conduct and be judges of events designed and run by students.

The events are so many, almost all students get a chance to participate in more than one event.

Reason No. 17

Each department has its own uniqueness. But, the common factors are young and energetic HODs, excellent diversity in teaching staff, excellent labs and hands on training orientation, super charged faculty and a judicious mix of experienced and young faculty.

Every department conducts its own flagship events engaging and providing the students a wholesome experience.

Reason No. 18

The college has a strong Placement center, where students get trained and be interviewed.

Most students get a job before completing their course, and most of the offers are from city of Bengaluru.

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