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Mr. Krishna is an Entrepreneur turned Consultant. A Mechanical Engineer, with an MTech in Tool Engineering and MS in Technology Management, he brings with him a vast experience of building a software product, designing and packaging the product, and marketing both online and traditional.

He has also along the way acquired specialization in selecting the right machine and product – whether it is a machine tool or ERP software or CAD/CAM software. If you want to select a product which matches your requirement, factoring in future technology development, service capability verification, he is best person in the Industry. He has also helped companies work with automation teams to implement automation project.

Mr. Krishna brings to the table a rich experience of managing teams and importantly get them to perform their best. Which is the key for a Company’s success.

Having been a startup founder about 25 years back, he knows how product ideas can be nurtured, developed and marketed to the target audience.


1. Defence Manufacturing India
Founder | CEO
Started with a vision to connect important stakeholders of the Defence Industry in India – DPSUs, Private Sector Defence Companies, Engineering Colleges offering MTech Defence Technology, Engineers in Defence Manufacturing, and Defence Consultants.

DefenceManufacturingIndia is designed to be a knowledge base of Weapon Systems and Defence Subjects. Also, aims to connect ex DRDO, DPSU personnel who have valuable and knowledge with Private Sector Companies and Engineering Institutions seamlessly.

2. JSS Incubator
Chief Executive
Headed the Incubator when it was almost going into oblivion, brought it back to life. Motivated a fully demotivated staff to revitalize the unit, brought in several changes to engage students and to participate in competitions, and to start thinking of innovative projects.

Proposed to management to introduce a Digital Initiative to score high on NIRF rank and create a catchment base for startups in the institution itself.

The Digital Initiative utilizes the expertise of the Faculty and marries it with latest digital tools to achieve the two above stated objectives.


Joined CYIENT DLM Bengaluru Unit as a Consultant for selection of machinery and to streamline several operational issues, such as enhancing Engineering Division, Retrofitting of Machines, Monthly Production Channels, Outsourcing Management, Outstanding Management.

Recommended a complete overhaul of machinery line up, with the goal of capturing maximum market share, by selecting machines which enable the company to be price competitive and also align with the paradigm shift in machining.

4. VKInfotek
Co-Founder | CEO
Spearheaded creation of an entirely new market, and created Eight self learning tutorial products to achieve sales in 75 countries and over 10,000 copies.

Specializing in ERP software development, has helped Engineering Colleges and Companies in selecting ERP solutions and helped several Engineers gain

One of the first eCommerce seller scoring the first sale in 1999 Dec.

A List of 70 +Articles written by him are listed here.

Krishna likes to share and discuss ideas with all who are interested to benefit from and the Billion Dollar India’s Defence Industry. Contact him on email or by mobile. Details given in the footer.

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