25 Reasons to join M Tech – Aerospace Technology, AICTE and DRDO Course

25 Reasons to join MTech (Defence Tech.) and which specialization should I choose

This is the important question smart students ask themselves, when they join the course.

A little bit of background is to be told here, specially for parents and guardians of students. AICTE has started M Tech in Defence Technology course for Engineering Students. In a previous article, I have written about the Engineering Colleges which have come forward to offer the course in their institutions. The article can be read here >> Colleges offering M Tech Defence Technology.

This course is very useful for students who want to earn well, get a stable and exciting job and make a career for themselves.

AICTE offers Six (6) Specializations:

1.Combat Vehicle Engineering
2.Aerospace Technology
3.Naval Technology
4.Communication Systems and Sensors
5.Directed Energy Technology
6.High Energy Material Technology

In this article, I have listed 25 of reasons for students to choose Aerospace Technology as the preferred course specialization for this and the next academic year. However, this is only a recommendation, local conditions and other individual interests have to be considered also.

There are 25 Engineering Colleges in India which have started the M Tech DT course. Each college admits around 18 students. So, we are looking at 450 students passing out in 2 years time. The industry requirement is much higher than this number.

Now, let me list out 25 Reasons for recommendation to choose “Aerospace Technology” as the beginning specialization. Also, included is a brief explanation of each Reason.

Reason No. 1:

When your CV is seen by prospective employees, Edn. Qlfn. M Tech in “Aerospace Technology”, has a value which cannot be measured. Aerospace Technology conveys to the reader clearly in no ambiguous terms that you are knowledgeable about Aircrafts and its functioning and manufacture. A company which is into design and manufacture of Aircrafts or related parts and components will immediately connect to your resume and you will have no explanation to do regarding what is your specialization.

Reason No. 2:

Established Companies
Working for established companies gives an engineer an experience which is unmatched. If you work for AIRBUS or BOEING in whatever Engineering Capacity, your experience will take you places.

This is because of two important facts. These companies have a long past, and highly innovative.

Working in such companies will teach you a professional way of working and contributing, team work, leadership and of course the opportunity to work with latest equipment and software.

There are several such companies in India and an M Tech in Aerospace Technology gives you an edge among peers.

Reason No. 3:

The Govt. of India is undertaking several upgradation of Sukhoi, and MiG-29. Several upgradation projects do keep running simultaneously, creating a need for Qualified M Tech Aero Technology Engineers.

Each of the above upgradation projects require a separate Production Line meaning Job opportunities for several qualified M Tech Engineers. Working on a upgradation project in the first years of your career will put you on par with all others ensuring you have a good career.

Several Helicopters upgrade and manufacture is in progress.

Reason No. 4:

Indian Aerospace Sector Assembling Expertise
In the last two decades India has achieved the impossible. It has built an Institutional Memory of designing and assembling an Light Combat Aircraft. This is no mean feat. Credit goes to HAL for this extraordinary achievement.

The assembling of an aircraft has resulting in several possibilities with a huge order for Tejas Mark 2 which is a superior aircraft and can carry higher payload making it more lethal. This is throws up several business opportunities as foreign countries are keen to acquire Tejas as it is highly competitive priced. In those countries which acquire Tejas will requie HAL to set up service units, which need to be manned by qualified Engineers. Which means more job opportunities.

Reason No. 5:

Air Wars
Wars today are short and are fought based on how long the enemy can withstand air attacks. Many years ago India was short on aircrafts, and experts say we would not have been able to withstand a sudden air attack for a short period of time.

But today, with 36 Rafale Jets, and Several upgraded Sukhoi and Mig Jets, India can fight back a sustained air attack, and cause serious damage to the opposition. Air Wars are important, and will always get preference in all wars simply because targets will be precise and lesser lives will be lost.

Reason No. 6:

Big Product
An aircraft is a big product. Takes years to build by several hundred engineers of varied skills. Qualified M Tech Engineers play an important role, in building a single Aircraft. And, Indian Air Force is ordering several aircrafts of different configurations to protect India’s 15000 KM border.

Reason No. 7:

Wide Variety of Product Lines
An Aircraft Production Line is unlike a Car Production Line. Whereas Cars are manufactured using a Stage Production Line, Aircrafts are manufactured in a Production Hangar, with the Aircraft remaining stationary for most of the production process. In other words, Aircraft production is more complex and requires a high degree of human input. A finer skill level of Engineering is required necessitating the need for qualified Engineers.

Reason No. 8:

Abroad Jobs
Aerospace Technology subjects are universal, and Qualified M Tech Engineers in Aerospace Defence Technology, can seek jobs in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, US, AU which are the established Aerospace centers in South Asia.

Reason No. 9:

Transferable Knowledge
The Core knowledge acquired in M Tech – Defence Technology – Aerospace Engineering, is a transferable knowledge to a great extent – applicable to Rockets, Missiles, Helicopters, and Smaller Aeroplances.

For students this means return on investment in terms of time and money is optimum.

Reason No.10:

Past Experience
Aerospace Manufacturing Ecosystem is very large in India and has kept growing over the years, as compared to other Weapon Systems. And, consequently there is a history of vast manufacturing expertise across many sectors. Consequently, as India grows to be a manufacturing hub, Job Opportunities are also high.

Reason No. 11:

Export Business
Bhramos Missile the Indo-Russian joint project is a highly rated successful Missile. It is a multi target missile and is now being exported. This export business is set to boom and will trigger several job opportunities for M Tech Aerospace Technology students.

Reason No. 12:

Growing Sector
Aerospace sector is one of the fastest sectors in the Defence sector. This data itself is a definite indicator students of M Tech for career building opportunities.

Reason No.13:

Software Applications
An Aircraft is an assembly of many parts. Airframe, Engine, Fuel Systems, Wheels and Brakes, Auxiliary Power Units, Bearing, Seals, Wings, Cabin Applications, Actuators. This is for a regular passenger Aircraft. A Fighter Aircraft has several more parts and all of them are designed, manufactured using software. This means specialists are required with wide experience in using high end software which are created for specific applications, such as simulation, enterprise asset management, heat treatment, component design, programming, and cutting tools.

Reason No.14:

Project Ideas
Engineering students are always searching for new project ideas. I believe there is a fairly big “Project Industry” out there. For Aerospace Technology students, Projects are plenty. There are several types of Aircrafts, Fighters, Helicopters, Missiles, Spacecrafts, Drones, and so on. Even designing or understanding a design, or working in a production line of a Aircraft production factory and accomplishing a specific practical task of complexity for the company will be a worthwhile project for M Tech DT students.

Reason No. 15:

Thesis work Opportunities
As Technology improves by leaps and bounds, there are several thesis opportunities for Budding M Tech Defence Tech students. They can focus on covering and conducting research on how several future technology products will be used manufactured.

Reason No.16:

Covers Multiple Subjects
One look at the list of subjects in M Tech Aerospace Technology specialization will tell you that the Aerospace Technology Specialization will expose students to key application subjects such as propulsion, guidance control and navigation. This will ensure that students can undertake jobs with minimum of training, in turn increasing the attractiveness of qualified students.

Reason No. 17:

Testing an Aircraft
Aircrafts are tested at every stage of their manufacture. In fact, testing procedures and certification procedures are very stringent. Given the volume of testing and certifications done, several opportunities are available for M Tech “Aerospace Technology” specialists.

Reason No.18:

Idols and Stalwarts
There are several idols and stalwarts in the public domain who have done yeomen service for developing aerospace industry in India. M Tech students can draw inspiration from such stalwarts and build their careers.

Scientists such as Dr. Kota Harinarayana, Prof. Roddam Narasimha, General VJ Sundaram, Prof. V K Atre, Dr. Satish Reddy, and several others are all role models.

Reason No. 19:

Air Travel becoming Commonplace
In the last 5 years several domestic airports have come up in the country. This is because people are preferring air travel as compared train and road travel. This has a chain effect on several sectors and consequently job opportunities increasing rapidly.

Reason No: 20:

Multiple options
Armed with M Tech (Aerospace Technology) students can apply for jobs in Defence Forces, Private Aerospace Companies, Defence Public Sector Companies, and Consulting Companies. Students have multiple options if they specialize in Aerospace Technology. Not only at the beginning of their careers but even in mid careers they can switch paths and continue to have successful careers.

Aerospace companies will always have an upward career path unlike say in software industry where the hierarchy is flat. This leads to greater mobility across departments leading to greater job satisfaction.

Reason No. 21:

MRO Jobs
As the number of Aircrafts increase, demand for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul facilities also increase, resulting in more job opportunities.

Reason No. 22:

Airport Jobs
As Air Travel increases, Airports increase, consequently Technical Jobs in airports increase. A sure opportunity for M Tech students.

Reason No. 23:

Data Created is Voluminous
Every time a Aircraft takes off, flies, and lands it creates several terra bytes of data. This data is a goldmine and several jobs are available for IoT, Networking Systems, and Analytics M Tech Aerospace Technology Engineers. It is up to the individual student to acquire skills and specialization to have a successful career.

Reason No. 24:

OEMs, Tier 1, Tier 2 Companies
An Aircraft is manufactured not just by the OEM, but by several companies in the value chain, and job openings keep coming up in these companies for qualified Aerospace Technology candidates.

Reason No. 25:

Aerospace used by all three (3) service
One Arm of Armed Forces – Air Force uses Aircrafts as its main Weapon System. This itself tells the student how important is Aerospace Engineering and the multiple job opportunities which will be available. Remember, Aircrafts are used in all the three wings of Defence Forces Army, Air Force, and Navy.

All the above reasons lay a compelling argument for Engineering Colleges to offer Aerospace Technology for the first few batches of M Tech Defence Technology students, and serve the country’s interest.

This in no ways means the other specializations are not recommended. They can be added up in the subsequent years, as the college gains competencies and home grown strategies to make M Tech in Defence Technology a successful course.

A Good Start is a Job Well Done

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