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Sir, Your Prediction about NIRF is coming True!

Let me give you the context. Since the last several years I have been telling College Managements, not hesitate but be willing and aim for breaking into the top 100 NIRF ranks. Why, you may ask? Simple. As you will agree NIRF is here to stay and in a few

Engineering College Managements – Jobs, Projects, Internships for Students

This article is for Managements of Engineering Colleges who desire to get Jobs and Internships for their students of M Tech (Defence Technology). Every College Management wants their students to get good jobs. But, are the students prepared for working in Jobs which are exacting and target oriented? Not many,

How to Get a JOB before you Graduate in Engineering!

It is an immensely a proud moment, in fact a lifetime memorable event, if one can get a Dream Job while in college itself. There is good sense behind this excitement and happiness.Getting a decent Job while in College means someone found you worthy of offering you a Job. Which

25 Reasons to join M Tech – Aerospace Technology, AICTE and DRDO Course

25 Reasons to join MTech (Defence Tech.) and which specialization should I choose This is the important question smart students ask themselves, when they join the course. A little bit of background is to be told here, specially for parents and guardians of students. AICTE has started M Tech in

M Tech Defence Technology – Where should you get your degree?

Evolving Engineering Education, Growing Defence Industry Engineering education is changing rapidly, for the better, presenting new challenges to the Engineering Institutions. India’s Defence Industry has a huge potential. Will the Engineers and Education sector ride this wave? It depends on how both the sides work with synergy. In the days

Kangana, you are wrong about Gandhiji

I have been hesitating to write this article for the simple reason that I thought it does not directly or indirectly relate to Defence Technology or Defence Production or Defence Manufacturing. Moreover, it involves a film star which in no way is connected to my line of work. I waited

Dear Air Marshall, here is the Answer!

If you watched this interview, you will have noticed Air Marshall Anil Chopra raising a valid and a pertinent point regarding technology. In my personal assessment, his comment renders many of our defence plans half baked. I say this because I come from a Technology background and I know how

DefenceManufacturingIndia.Com – The Big Picture

This article seeks to answer the Questions: Where does Defence Manufacturing India . Com fit into the big picture? How does Defence Manufacturing India . Com performs its role? Firstly, let us see the Big Picture The big picture is the birds eye view of the Defence Weapon System purchases